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We are your hosts

Tessa & Jan, the heart of the Palmera Group! We have been together since 2008 (real high school sweet lovers). In the years we’ve been together we made some big moves (like moving abroad). Let us tell you a bit about our story below.

  • 2008 We get to know each other during French class at our high school in Amsterdam. We had to do a small conversation to practice our French (which is terrible) and we immediately fell in love with each other.

  • 2013 We moved together in our first rental in Amsterdam. We rented out the apartment when we went traveling. Guests seemed to love our place, we had loads of bookings and it gave us the opportunity to see the world.

  • 2015 We bought our first apartment in a beautiful area of Amsterdam.

  • 2018 After living 3 years in our own apartment, we decided to move to Spain 🇪🇸. We rented out our apartment (long term) and went on a quest to a different life with more sun and beach time, good food, and a nice lifestyle with a better work / life balance. We started in the Palamos, Costa Brava, but soon after we moved closer to Barcelona in Castelldefels. Check out our listing in Castelldefels!

  • 2020 It’s the peek of COVID-19, and we buy a small apartment in Sitges to rent via Airbnb. It’s an amazing succes: the apartment is almost 100% occupied! Even in these bizar times of lockdowns where traveling is restricted and complicated.

  • 2021 We love Sitges and we decided to move to the beautiful area. We bought a bungalow and rehab it completely. It’s our permanent residence but we let other people enjoy it in the summer months: Check it here!

  • 2021 We get in touch with people who want to buy a property to rent and enjoy. This year we added properties to out portfolio for our first 4 clients! We professionalise and create systems and processes to manage all the bookings, cleaning, etc. 2021 is a special year: our daughter Lua was born this summer!

  • 2022 We start to work part-time in our ‘regular’ jobs, we continue to improve our processes and add 3 new properties to our rental portfolio! Also we started our first construction project in Valencia: converting an old garage into a beautiful studio.

  • 2023 Early on in the year we added two properties to the portfolio and our studio in Valencia is about to go live!

In February 2018 we moved to Spain (near Barcelona). We generally feel way calmer and happier compare to how we felt in the Netherlands. Every day we became more excited about the Spanish lifestyle and all the things we are able to explore here.

Our passion is to make it possible for everyone around the world to explore Sitges (and surroundings) in a pleasant, affordable en stylish way. Spain is ranked on number 3 of the countries where people live the longest. And that has his reasons. Especially Catalunya has so much to offer! We just want people to enjoy all the great activities you can do here. As you can read in own timeline, we always had a passion for Real Estate. What makes a house special? Which places are popular? 

When we bought our first apartment in Sitges to rent out, our passion grew in a form of business. We had so much success. The apartment was always 95%+ occupied, even during the COVID-19 peak! People asked us to help them renting our their apartment. And that was a success too. Now, 3 years later, we have 10 stylish properties in our portfolio an we are a 5-star Superhost at Airbnb with 91% occupy throughout the whole year! 

We only add properties to our portfolio that are really worth it to stay in. Most of the times we give the properties our “La Palmera touch” with some important renovations and decorations. Everything needs to be clean, comfortable, good working and good looking. A modern, unique and nordic style. We are a high standard rental company. We are selective in the guests we accept. All our properties have an owner with love for their property and want us to look after it with care. Jan has a background in online marketing and is always working on improving all our platforms to have the best communication, pricing and booking tools. We are 24/7 online and reachable for our guests and clients. Both of us have a parttime cooperate job besides the business and our biggest dream is to be able to work 100% on the La Palmera Group. Find clients and properties that fit our vision and want to be part of our high quality rental group. 

Working on La Palmera Group gives is us dynamic way of work. We both came from a corporate 9-5 lifestyle, which taught us a lot (!) and helped us to reach the goals we had as well, but wasn’t always making us happy and healthy. We are both entrepreneurial people and we just need the drive to create and to do things in our own way. 
In 2021 the youngest member of La Palmera was born; Lua. We enjoy parenthood so much. We want to spent as much time with Lua as we can. Enjoy and explore life with her, which is, in our opinion, the most important thing of all. A nice balance between work and family: such a luxury! 

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